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Hand Carved Pottery

These pieces are thrown and hand carved and embossed to create rich, earthy textures. They come in a variety of glazes and patterns, each piece individually carved by the artist.


Speckled Tan Carved Mug Blaisdell
4 in stock
Green Carved Mug Blaisdell
3 in stock
Carved Garlic Keeper Blaisdell
3 in stock
Carved Nested Bowl Set - Speckled Tan Blaisdell
Sold Out
Carved Speckled Tan Serving Bowl Blaisdell Pottery
1 in stock
Carved Soap Dispenser Blaisdell
1 in stock
Carved Speckled Tan Platter Blaisdell
1 in stock
Green Carved Soap Dispenser Blaisdell
2 in stock
1 in stock
Large Carved Stein Blaisdell
3 in stock