Obvara Vases

The Obvara Collection combines simple forms with organic textures and colors. These decorative pieces add one-of-a-kind accents to your home.

These pieces are made using an ancient firing process that began in Eastern Europe, perhaps as far back as the 12th century. Clay pieces are fired to 1650 degrees, removed from the kiln and dunked into a big bucket of "Brew". The magic happens when the pieces are lifted out of the "Brew" and surface reactions transform the surface.  When the piece forms a perfect surface reaction, it is plunged into cold water which cools the piece and washes off the "Brew".  After drying and cleaning, color and a clear coat layer is added to finish the work. 

Because of the nature of the firing process, these pieces are  decorative and not intended for holding water.

Obvara Vases
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