12 things to consider when choosing dinnerware

Purchasing a set of dinnerware is a big decision. First of all, consider whether or not you want a handmade set or manufactured dishes. If handcrafted is for you, know that there will be slight variation between each piece which is part of the charm of handmade work. Because it is made by hand, it will usually take longer to receive and will cost a little more... but it is well worth it. 

Not all potters are skilled enough to create dinnerware. Years of experience is required to create quality dinnerware with pieces that are similar in size, shape and glaze. 

Here are some of the keys things to consider before buying dinnerware. 

  1. Is it handmade or mass produced in a manufacturing facility?
  2. How will food look served on it?
  3. Will it fit in my cupboards and dishwasher?
  4. When will it be available?
  5. How durable is the glaze?
  6. Is it food safe?
  7. Can I customize how many plates and bowls I want for my set?
  8. Does it coordinate with my other dishes?
  9. How heavy are the pieces?
  10. Can I get replacement pieces?
  11. Are coordinating serving pieces available?
  12. Is the glaze something I will like for years to come?

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